Best non full size motard

So, right beside the mx track I go to is a go kart/supermoto track. I'd like something just to mess around on, and don't know what to look for. I'd like it to be not a full size bike. I've seen some crf150, and ttr125, but the crf is kinda expensive($2000+) in my area, and I've ridden my friends ttr125, and it was lacking in power. So, I was wondering if u can have a 2 stroke motard. I know it's probably a stupid question, but I'm new to motards. Also, how does a ttr125 w/ big bore do? Or the klx140? Do they have more power?

well it all depends on what you decide is best.  XR100 is very popular and most tracks have a stock xr100 class.  Common thing to do is get an xr80(16") front wheel and put it on the 100.  that way you have the same diameter rims front and rear. then run scooter tires. 


If you want the fastest, i have seen some really fast small bikes out on the track, but you end up spending a lot of money.  if you want the fastest 'mini' out of the box it will be the crf150r. 


Yes you can have a 2t on the track.  Lots of guys run 80s and even smaller bikes.


is there a reason you dont want a full size?

The reason I don't want a full size bike is $ and easy transportation. I'm not going to be racing, just going to the open practice.

you are kidding yourself if you think a mini wont cost you as much money:)  All the fast ones have tons of money dumped in them.  You can find a full size SM for 2k if you look around.  I bought my 03 xr100 for $1400.  Might have been more than other xr100s but it had 8hrs on the motor and not a pinch of dirt anywhere on the thing.  You can pick up xr100s for $750 in decent shape and throw a 16" front rim and tires on.  Budget at least $1000 for a track ready stock xr100.

Really? Will maintanence cost more on a full on motard? Also, if not, what would be a good beginner bike for someone who's 5'6 and 150 lbs?

Really? Will maintanence cost more on a full on motard? Also, if not, what would be a good beginner bike for someone who's 5'6 and 150 lbs?



Honestly on my rmz450 on a full year at the track i just did oil changes.  I use SS filters that are washable so i dont have any cost in oil filters besides the initial $50 or so.  Oil costs.  I check the clearance on my valves but ive never had to shim any bike.  Typically when your valves start needing shims its time to pull the head and do a valve job. 


What do you ride at the MX track?  5'6 and 150lbs that crf150r would be pretty fast.  On the tight tracks the 250s are a bit lighter than a 450 and can be thrown around the turns quicker.  If you can keep your corner speed up you are good to go but they will always get pulled on by a 450 out of a turn and on the straight.

I ride a 02 cr125 at the track. Currently there aren't a lot of sm's for sale since winters coming, but there's enough dirt bikes to be converted. Right now a crf150 is sounding good for me.

I think the 4 stroke is better for SM but lots of guys do use 2strokes, especially minis so maybe a cr85r is a cheaper option.  Expect to spend $2500 - $3000 to get a crf150r and set it up.  You could probably build a cr80 or 85 for a lot less cause they dont hold their values as well.  Whatever you end up with im sure you will have fun! 

I had a really nice RM85, thing was SO fast it blew my mind. I was able to man handle it also, which made it fun. If I did it again I think I would go the xr route just for the fun factor. I have a DRZ (pig) but I think the small ones are more fun.

i will say this since i own an xr100, a drz and 450s.  The xr is so light and can be thrown into a turn.  It leans REALLY far!  It takes a long time to get up to speed(im 200lbs without gear though), and the brakes are horrible!  On tight tracks guys with minis riding knee down style run pretty fast lap times.  Close to the fastest 450 guys(non pro)...

I ride a klx 125 you can upgrade the suspension , brakes , handles great. Put on track slicks 17" and don't look back. You just have to ride it where the power is. Great low to mid range.

A ton of guys in our series are riding racing KX 65's.  They are on CL all the time for 600 or so.  Lace up some 12's and go at it.  They are generally much faster than the 4-stroke pit bike unless you want to spend a lot more money on the 4-stroke.  As soon as I get my new 450 sorted I am going to build an 85.  Little 2-stroke bikes are a blast.

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