please read this about oil leak

before everyone gets their panties in a bunch about this post from what i have SEARCHED on here i have not found a definate solution. i just puchased bike a week ago. 06 YZ450F with about 60hrs My breather tube from head is leaking ALOT of oil... so much so it gets on the chain and swingarm and tire. i also drive on the street as well because its street legal. I noticed after i stopped for gas and my back tire looked like it had about a gallon of tire shine on it. i know some coming out of there is normal but this is alot. i made a little catch can on it today and drove around the block maybe 2 miles and when i came back to check it out there was about 1oz. maybe more in the container. i find that to be alot. now i know some people say overfilling oil can cause it to leak but impretty sure thats not the case.

someone please help me out and give me some direction. thinking i have to do top end but just want some opinions plwase and about how much to do top end about.

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worn compression rings causing a lot of blow by.What year /make of bike and about how many hours?

sorry forget that little bit of info.... its an 06 yz450f and i was told about 60hrs

If you ask me, I think you may have misdiagnosed the source of the leak.  I could, of course, be wrong about that, having not seen it, but it sounds a lot more like a output shaft seal leaking.  Check again.

I had a catch can on the end of breather and it wa leaking into there.... Nothing else was wet since I coverd that up...

What are the chances that the engine is overfilled?

i checked the oil and was fine since the. i checcked again after i saw what was going on and the level is dropping

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