SL 100 Mods

Hello, newbie here. I,m tired of the stock kickstarter getting in my way, anyone have any info on reshaping the stocker? Iv'e heard an xl125 sidecase will bolt on the sl motor and the xl kicker tucks in better. Anyone here done that mod or knows someone who has?




 Iv'e searched for sl100 and found alot of good info on some really cool sl builds, but nothing related to my original post? I'm really tired of the kicker gnawing on my calf, I can't believe with all the sl riders out there I'm the only one this bothers....

Cant help you but I love the elsinore themed bike. Nice job.

Nice bike.


I had a SL100 back in the 70's.. 


You should be able to take the original kickstarter to a local machine shop and have it bent/shaped into a better fit. 


Thanks for posting some pic's of such a nice vintage bike.



Thanks for the compliments! After years of 2T vintage racing thought I'd see how the other half lives. It's down on ponies but makes up for it with ease of riding and the "fun" factor is off the charts. Hopefully someone who's done this case conversion can chime in and help me out.

Nice Motorcycle1 I know our Motors swap with lots of Honds cl sl xl! I have a 1971 sl 125! I seen your stater leans forward more than mine! Maybe you did that to try & stop it rubbing you! Id simply go to a junk yard & find one that fit with another angle ! I do some times bump mine about half way into the start  postion ,but Iv not had a problem of it rubbing me! Good luck with your search!

Here is my SL125 "back in the day" About 1973...  I sometimes ran it without the kickstarter as it would bump start easily almost every time.  Some of the later side covers and kickstarters should fit.  Check out pics of the different 100/125 models on one of the web pages that shows the various years and models.





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OMG that J6 bike is so cool.  I think I saw you at Hollister a couple of years ago on that bike and you were flying!!!!


I love those Elsinore sidepanels.  How did you get them to fit that bike?  Is that a custom exhaust?  I've never seen one like it.  Good luck with the engine cover.  It looks like you have the right one in your picture.  




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cool bike! 

first off, is that XL side cover you have pictured in your possession? if so, what I would do if I were you, get yourself a new gasket, pull the cover off your engine and compare internals, and clearances around the rest of it, and if everything lines up, throw that XL cover on, re-rout your clutch cable and run the XL kick-starter, if not, then you are prepared with a new gasket so you don't have a down bike.

Be careful putting on XL125 cover on SL motor. There are a couple differences such as clutch pushrod and tach drive oilpump may not fit

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