Few questions about my 10 450 purchase

Hey all, just recently picked up a 10 450 at a pretty good fall price. First off, I noticed when i start it up and rev it up in neutral before its totally warmed up it lets out a little blue smoke? but when i get back from a ride up the road its replaced with some black smoke when warmed up. It also seems to be a little slow on the bottom end compared to my old 04. it seems to rev up a little slower than my older bike did. Is that in the tuning? or a problem somewhere? Also possibly considering a gytr 13.5:1 piston, but im wondering If 91 pump gas is ok at 4500' and up.


another thing I was wondering about, is the GYTR tuner worth the money? ive done some searching on it, but didnt really see any straight answers on if it was worth the money.

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GYTR tuner is worth the money as you can change the character of the motor to suit the conditions and keep track of hours and error codes. Blue or black smoke indicates that it's burning  oil. How many hours on it? It may need a new top end or at the least rings.

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Not sure on the hours. I thought black was fuel? and the blue smoke was sort of why I was looking into the GYTR high comp piston actually.

You may want to run some injector cleaner, chevron techron etc, through it as there have been some issues with injectors getting gummed upped/plugged due to bad fuel. This could possibly cause it to run poorly.

"Blue" smoke and "white" smoke are often confused.  "Blue" isn't really very blue, IMO.  First, you have to make the distinction between smoke and steam.  Steam from water or coolant in the combustion chamber will disappear into the air as it cools, the way the normal condensation steam from your car's exhaust does on a cold morning.  Smoke won't do that; it just thins out and drifts away.  If it's smoke, and it occurs mostly on cold starts, and/or when you rev the engine and let it coast down, and then get back on the gas a brief puff appears, that's normally valve guide seals.  If it smokes under a load continuously, it's almost certainly rings/piston/cylinder condition.


Black smoke is fuel.  Whether you buy the tuner, borrow one, or stop by a shop, you may want to plug in and find out how the bike is currently mapped.  May be mapped too rich.  Another possibility, apart from the sticky/leaky injector mentioned before, is that the bike has no thermostat, and the EFI compensates for low engine temperatures automatically.  In places like Montana, where it gets, um, "chilly" this time of year,  the combination of low outside air temps and big radiators has lead to coolant temperatures of less than 140 degrees, and the EFI enriches the mix to cover it.  The result is more extra fuel than the engine needs.  Some people in the frozen north have taken to covering part or all of one radiator in the late fall and winter to correct this.


U.S. pump premium at 91 posted anti-knock index is normally enough for 13.5:1 compression even at sea level.  At 4500+, it won't be a problem at all.  The higher you go, the less octane rating is required because the thinner air reduces the dynamic compression pressures.

Thanks for the very imformative reply. I will run some fuel system cleaner through the next tank. I should expand on the smoke details. Yes yesterday morning it was 28 degrees and it had white smoke from condensation. Earlier it was in the 50s and it was a hint blue in color and smelt like burnt oil, but after it was warmed up from a ride up the road it was black smoke and no longer smelt like oil. Assuming maybe its due for a piston and the rings seat better after everything warms up and expnds? Possible leaking valve seats? Not sure if it smokes under load. This is all just neutral reving.

Valve seals i should say

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FYI: If you buy a GYRT turner you will know exactly how much time is on it...

FYI: If you buy a GYRT turner you will know exactly how much time is on it...

Unless someone has reset the clock :-/

yeah i plan on getting one of those. It still has the original grips and they are in in pretty good shape yet.

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