2014 yz450 oil quanity

The manual says it is 1qt disassembled, does this mean when you change both the oil filter and oil strainer? Or is it just .73 qt for this procedure?

I don't have access to a '14 manual, but it's been Yamaha's practice to list three different oil amounts; one for an oil change only, one for an oil change with a filter change/service, and one "total" amount, which is the amount of oil it takes to completely refill the engine after it was disassembled.  The difference is in the amount of oil that won't drain during a normal oil change. 

700 ml if you are changing oil + filter. Read your manual - the bit about the sight glass and oil level bolt ;-)

Gray will know what 700ml is in quarts ?

0.739 681 746 6 quart [uS, liquid]

23.669 815 891 ounce [uS, liquid]


I was just going to ask this myself. So how many CC's on your ratio right cup for oil/ filter ? I put 750 CC's.

zeuszuki says 700.  You have your manual?

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