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Indiana New Rider - Track/Trails locations

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Hello! I recently moved from Texas to Illinois and am looking for some riding areas.


For the past few months I have been going to all the closest motocross tracks to the Chicago area (Red Bud, Sunset and Mt. Carroll.)


I have a friend that lives in Lexington Kentucky and we were thinking of meeting somewhere in the middle. Any good riding spots around Indianapolis? Tracks or Off-road. What are some of the good off-road areas in the midwest?


Always looking for more riding buddies. Thanks in advance!

- Clint

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Badlands in Attica, IN.  It is northwest--ish of Indy about an hour, about 30 minutes west of Lafayette, IN.  Also, I think the state has Bluebird Recreation Center or something similar in the more southern part of the state.


Michigan has (or used to have) a pretty amazing trail system.  I'm sure a little looking on the net will turn some stuff up for you.


Happy riding!

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