Clutch slipping

How can you tell if your clutch is slipping..

Pull the clutch pack out and measure each steel ring and fiber to see if they are within tolerance. Any discoloration to the steel plates, warping, and/or oil that smells burnt then you probably have a slipping clutch.

You may also notice on inclines, doesn't have to be extremely steep but should be long enough to get into a higher gear, like 4th, that if your clutch is slipping power will be reduced to the rear wheel much like feathering the clutch. If it's real bad then it won't even climb a hill. Keep aware for any smells as a result of increased heat.

if it doesnt wheelie, then its slippin.

Yeah my bike will not wheelie when a dump the clutch ... its actually easyer to be on the powerband and pull up... my bike will not take off fast when I'm in 2nd gear trying to do a race start ..

So if I replace my clutch.. I will be able to do race starts and wheelies better?

if it doesnt wheelie, then its slippin.

yes. new clutch pack assem. and also check the hubs. you can also get away with just filing the grooves on the basket.

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