Can't start bike after oil change

Hi guys I have a yz 250f 2003 and I jut changed the oil, and now it won't start? A lot of the times it back fires on me and it won't roll start? I have the right oil ect but for some reason it does not start? Any ideas

Very odd. How much oil did you put in. Is the fuel on?

Fuel is on, there might be to much oil, on the oil stick, the oil is meant to go just to the first line isn't it? And when I roll start it, it starts but then glugs and stalls

Look in your manual to see of there is a specific amount.

I can't find which page is it

You can't check the oil level with the dipstick unless you start it. These are dry sump motors, and the oil has to be pumped into the oil tank (the frame on your bike) in order to read on the dip stick. If you have oil showing on your dipstick and you haven't started it then you have way too much oil. These things only take just over 1 liter of oil. How much did you put in?


P.S. Why did you make so many threads about this?

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So you have changed the oil many times before and this time round it won't start?

See you started several threads on the same topic, if your new to bike mechanics you could cause more damage than good.

What are the chance you over filled oil, how many liters did you put in?

Did you put the oil in the right place?

Could also be anything unrelated to the oil change, You said on another thread that you could never get the bike to starts which points to other motor related issues, changing the oil will not solve a mechanical problem.

You can also check the following:

- Valves tightened up

- A loose wire that you knocked when changing oil

- Kill switch shorting

- Ignition plug not properly seated on plug

- Spark plug dead

- Cam seized or tight due to oil starvation

- Pilot Jet blocked

If its none of the above then the problem could be more serious requiring shop assistance.

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I put about a litre and a bit

Okay so then it's not your oil.

I had a real hard time getting one of my previous bikes to start and run one day while out riding. Bike was running great up until that point, took and break and could not get it to run when I was ready to go again.

I could get it to start and sort of idle, took lots of kicking. The second I touched the throttle it would splutter and die.

Cause of the problem: Main Jet had managed to rattle lose and fall out and was lying in the bottom of the float bowl.

Go check your carb, check the pilot and main jet as both will cause a bike not to start and run.

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Well I just got the bike fixed from a mechanic, because it wouldn't start, so they cleaned all the fuel lines, the carby, the jets ect and it started, what thinking is that it might be flooded as I do try and kick it a lot!

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