What class for racing

I ride a crf 150r and I was wondering what class I race in because I want to start racing. I saw some places it was with 85s but in other places it says 100s. Please help me and I live in the United States

Schoolboy or Supermini, if the 150 is legal for that.

Check with your local racing organizations. Here for us: Girls 9-15, Womens C, 85's, Super Mini, Open C. Thats all I can think of off the top of my head for our organization here.


Also it may depend on whether you have the RB or Small wheel version. Up here, you can't run the small wheel in schoolboy but you can run the RB. Good luck.

From my experience, the 85 class is a 2-stroke class and your 150 4-stroke would be a bit underpowered.  Your best bet is to call and ask thwe people puting on the race or ask at your local bike shop.  Someone there probably races and can tell you how the classes stack up.

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