Which Rear Spoke Nipple

I need to replace a rear wheel spoke and nipple but the parts list shows two different nipples.  Does anyone know the difference?






What bike are you riding ?

  1. 2002 KLX300R  It shows both nipples on the parts list

Some times the right spoke and left spoke are different including the nipple. what bike are you talking about mate?

Fortunately I have never had to replace the spokes on any of the bikes I have owned. I hope that was because I always checked them periodically. My son's WR450 is another story. When we went to change out one of his spokes (seems like we do this every year) the dealer gave me two types of nipples to go along with the replacement spokes we purchased. His explanation was that some are a little longer and therefore have deeper threads which give more adjustment and strength. He also said that in some cases you can use them and in others you cannot. As I remember he was right about the sometime we could and sometimes we could not. Cannot comment about additional strength.


I would advise contacting whomever you plan to purchase them from and ask for an explanation. It would be interesting to hear what advice you get. 

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