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butler brothers mx/bto sports race bikes-anyone have any 1st hand experience

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hey guys, i know that bto sports/bbmx sells their race bikes every year and i am wanting to hear from people that have bought them.


what condition where they in?


did they throw in any extras?


reliabilty? any issues.


just any information that can be shared would be great, pics of said bikes/extras cool too.




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Generically speaking, you are buying a used, probably decent condition (because it was taken care of by a mechanic who has a clue) one year old race bike. All the really special parts are removed and replaced with stockers or cheap aftermarket. You are pay a premium for buying one of their 'race bikes'. Probably for the same money, you can buy a new, one year old bike from a dealer.

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so after talking with Karsten and Forrest Buttler i decided to buy 1 of their bikes. the 1 i got was Matt Goerke last bike, the 1 he raced at the Trans World Slam and is on the December cover of TWMX.  he raced with his 2014 #44 there, but his 2014 KTM wasnt done.


they are both great guys and were awesome to talk and to work with to get the bike. already thinking about buying a 2014 from them......


the motor is unexplainable..... the longer you hold the throttle the more vicious it gets and it seems to NEVER stop pulling!!!! 


here are some pics of when i went to pick it up










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here are some pics from home after it has been ridden. i took off the side panel numbers as they has his name on them. i have another front number plate on order that way i can remove this one get it signed and hang it on the wall.


i added a SDI linkage arm mid way through my first day of riding, and then added the Ride Engineering/honda HPSD before i took the bike out a second time....both make a difference as far as i can tell handles great now, sticks into ruts and stays there smoothed out the entrance and exit of corners. just need the suspension to be worked on and it will be perfect. 


oh and as far as all the "SPECIAL PARTS" taken out, i guess ill show you the "STOCK" parts that arent in the bike, and you can use your imagination as to what is in it.........













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