bto sports/bbmx race bikes anyone bought 1

hey guys, i know that bto sports/bbmx sells their race bikes every year and i am wanting to hear from people that have bought them.


what condition where they in?


did they throw in any extras?


reliabilty? any issues.


just any information that can be shared would be great, pics of said bikes/extras cool too.




I own a 2011 RMZ and it has been a great reliable bike. Has full PC motor with everything they claim. runs great. I am replacing the top end on it with 80 hours. Only thing was I had to get the suspension revalved, the SX setup was on there still and was retarded stiff.

I bought an 11 also, same as stated above with full pc engine, talon hubs, carbon fiber guards all around.  I love the bike, seems to have a lot more pull on top and more mellow down low.  loved the way it handled too.

How do you get a chance to buy one of these bikes? Where? And are you basically paying for all the hop-up parts, or are the race bikes affordable to the average joe who wants a pro setup?

Pic!!!! Of these bikes PUUULLLEASEEEEEE!!!!

I bought mine from a guy who bought it from the dealership.  Mine didnt have A-kit suspension but i had MB1 do mine up and it is awesome.  The motor was pretty nice i liked it a lot,  it didnt have a harsh pull down low so coming in and out of corners it was smoother, but pulled forever on top.




 Here is mine, for some reason it posted double pics.

Love the bike, motor pulls forever and is super reliable.


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