How can i make my 05 crf450r start up easyer

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How can i make my 05 crf450r start up easyer

adjust your valves... then jet it right 


Rebuild it if it needs it , along with correct jetting and fuel screw tuning , it will start .

push it downhill and bump start it

do all the maintenance in the service manual

My 04 starts ezy with my &%$#@!ed leg that I have had hip replacement on with half arsed kick it fires up from cold one twist of the throttle pull choke one or 2 kicks with no throttle should fire right up. If not then 1st thing I would do is buy a new plug pull your tank off valve cover make sure your valves are adjusted or still in spec bolt the cover on new plug and if it still hard to start pull carb and give it a clean and replace whots needed.

If your valves are properly adjusted & your carb jetted correctly it will start very easily. Mine starts in 1-3 kicks all the time. Once warm its 1 kick 95% of the time. Stone cold never more than 3 kicks. No special start ritual. Stone cold, gas on, choke on, kick it. Warm or hot, kick with hot start lever in. I never touch the throttle when starting it. As for jetting I went up 1 size on the main jet & up 1 size on the pilot jet. Works like a charm. Of course jetting will depend on temp & altitude where you are.  

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