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Sorry guys this is my last question on here because I can literally find nothing online. Does anyone know of a compatible exhaust system for the 2002 exc rfs, I can't find anything. I know ht racing made a head for the bike but it is now discontinued. The guy who I bought the bike off of gave me a head pipe which he claimed is for an fmf muffler but I didn't really look at, I'm away at school so I can't check now if that head will actually work but from what I remember it looks different

I believe the HT header was the only such header ever produced for the 250EXC, theirs or a later stock (2005+, 250EXC) header should fit and work better then the 2002 OEM part. Almost certain nothing else will fit and more importantly work any better then what you have, as FMF etc. were all designed for the 450 & 525.


Mufflers are a slightly different matter as they were all the same 250-520, but the joint design changed about 2003. Early header must be mated to early muffler and later to later.


Given you have the same muffler as the 520 & 525 I strongly doubt you will gain much if any performance by switching. If you must HT shows a couple on their site, not sure if the are the early style or not.


Virtually all the chassis parts are the same as same year 400 & 520 so applications which fit them should also fit yours.


Fix the carb, try to find a jetting combo (call Dave Hopkins or Bill at HT or James Dean @ JD Jetting) and be happy. This should help; http://www.jdjetting.com/xcart/product.php?productid=7&cat=7&page=2


About the only way to boost performance of the 250EXC now is via HT's big bore kits.



Thanks again Bruce

Just spoke with bill at ht. going to order the ht racing head for the bike.

Just spoke with bill at ht. going to order the ht racing head for the bike.


What did you order? A header or their ported head?



What did you order? A header or their ported head?


A header I called him and asked if he still makes the 02 header pipe to fit an aftermarket exhaust. I'm gonna do the full exhaust, jetting and see if I can get anything out of the bike. Hopefully down the road the bore kit

So, Bill is still offering the small diameter 250EXC header? If so that would be great as I hadn't heard of them for years now.



Yes I asked if he can make them still and he said just shoot him an email and he could. Not sure what muffler combo to go with now with the header.

More then a little surprised he is still doing them, in fact so surprised that I hope they are selling you the right header.

If he can do the header to fit your OEM muffler I see little reason to buy a new muffler, the stock one is well made and a good design working fine on 45hp 520s.



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Well I hope so too. It sounded like it was no problem to make it

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