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Keihin FCR 39 (DRZ400E) no MX Rebuild kit

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As indicated in the responses above... the FCR is not designed to have the two body parts separated. Hence the center pin security torx fasteners used to hold them together. 


Sudco used to have that gasket, sold to folks that specialized in modification of FCR bodys.. You have nothing to lose in trying to get the carb back together..


Meticulous cleaning of the passages and body mating surfaces, alignment of the new gasket and overall sealing will have to be done to ensure the carb functions as designed. 


Please do come back and tell us if you were able to source a new gasket place, price, wait... And if the assembly was successful

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James Dean has the gaskets as does Athena.

This  gasket from FCR39MX


gasket from FCR39 is necessary



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Did you speak to JD?

The OP has Russia listed for location, that and the verbiage used in the posts,,I'd guess english is not a first language..

Ringing up James Dean for a chat may not be possible. That and the FCR39Mx gasket set pic from the OPs post above is from the JD site... so I'd guess he looked.. JD does have the mid body gaskets for the FCR MX, but  I don't see a mid body gasket for the Slant FCR either. \

However in 2012 another user posted they got a gasket from JD for a slant... ??? Making it worth a call or email


Atheana shows the same think, gaskets for the MX body, not the older slant.


Nor am I positive what sealant / epoxy  I would use for the reassemble ?




If calling those business suggested is not possible.  Use the picture of the needed gasket in an email to their customer service addresses. 



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Erik, thanks.

Due to the difficulty of transfer it isn't sure that Sudco will understand that I want.


From Dave  JDJetting I understood the answer.
I will independently do gasket. :thinking:

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