02 cr250 rebuild question

Alright, here goes. I had the typical crack in my cylinder by the powervalve, and a worn out cylinder so I have it sleeved by northwest sleeve here in portland ore. I got the cylinder back, all fresh with a new wiseco pro light aluminum piston, got here all together with a fresh gasket set and now after riding for about 15 minutes or so the revs stay up when I pull the clutch in, Like its leaning out. I looked at the plug, it's pretty clean with oil residue. I have checked all gasket surfaces, I'm running blenzol 40:1 ratio with 1/2 race gas and premium. The motor is good, my thoughts are the problem being carb related? Could my bike have been so clapped out that I had it jetted to compensate or the lack of compression and shitty rings? Someone also mentioned crank seals. I think my idol and air screw are out of adjustment due to the idol slowly coming back down with a few quick twists of the throttle. Anyone have input? Thanks y'all

Did you perform a leakdown test after rebuild. Maybe the carb boot is leaking where it bolts onto the engine. My boot looked great but the oring around the boot where it ataches to the reed plate. Bought a new one and that problem solved.

does your throttle snap back? is it a hanging idle and then settles back down?

Good point about the throttle. When I took my bike apart to rebuild mine the throttle worked great. I just installed a pwk and the throttle wouldnt go back on its own. I thought it was the new carb but turned out to be a really dirty throttle tube and cable. After a new cable and deep clean it snaps back and the action is smooth.

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