Any ideas for a headlight yz125

I just want something I can put battery's in or charge and mount/ dismount easily just want to go on a night trail ride

You can find some here.




They work great, I have one of the 1500 lumen lights mounted on my helmet and I carry the battery pack either in my pocket or in my hydration pack.  We also mounted the 2700 lumen version on our YZ450F and YZ250 using their handle bat mounts and we strap the batteries to the front fork when we are riding.  They don't have the 2700 lumen or the handle bar mounts on their website, so you may have to call for those options.  Here's a picture of us riding the dunes in St. Anthony, ID as well as a couple pictures of my YZ250 with my 1500 lumen light mounted on the handle bar.  The 1500 lumen light is brighter than your standard headlights that come on quads.




handlebar mnt 2.gif

handlebar mnt 3.gif

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