Kdx 200

Hi guys I've found a 1991 model kdx200 sr model for a good price and I would just like to get some more info on the sr model. I originally wanted the dirt version but I've found this and it's in my price range. So could you guys that have experience with these bikes please give me some info of what their like and how the compare to the just dirt version.



Any KDX from that era, and newer make great "woods" machines. The key is setup, ie...suspension respring & revalve, jetting. If it comes with conventional forks...those can be swapped out for KX USD forks. I'd save my money...set it up as-is, and enjoy. Swapping the stock pipe for a FMF Gnarly will give it a bit more grunt. There's tons of info on the KDX, with judicious use of search engines.

Great bikes , you need to check out the condition of the motor .

Ok thanks so power wise the sr and the just dirt version are the same? And I've also heard that on the sr model you don't need to mix the fuel is this true

Bailey no offense to anyone who posted here, but I dont think people in the US know  anything about the KDX SR model as it was never sold here.  People love the KDX200 dirt version here...but how similar it is to the SR version...we really have no idea.


You'll need to get someone in Australia or elsewhere to weigh in. 


My only thoughts are that anything '91 is getting very old and hard to get parts.  You can still get parts for the 'H' version of the KDX200 ('97-06), but the 'E' versions ('96 and older) are very hard to find parts.

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