te300 vs yz300

hey guys,

im chasing a 300 enduro bike, i curently have a yz250 set up and modified for enduro, question is do i 300 mine or buy the husa (or even the ktm)?


any advise appreciated 

Depends what kind of condition your YZ is in, and how much money you have burning a hole in your pocket. 


I have an '01 CR250 that is enduroized with a lighting coil and big tank and a 'Berg 450 in the garage.  It is fun to have both, as they are so different.  I love the tractable nature of the 4T, but also love the snap and weightlessnes of the 2T.  I go faster on the 2T, as you know from your YZ (a fine trail bike by the way) that you can haul ass on your 250 MX bike.  If you are going to ride an MX bike off road, I think a 250 2T is better than a 450 4T for most riders.  The MX 450s are incredibly powerful beasts. 

The only real issue with your YZ is it's tall MX oriented 1st gear.  Depending how tight the stuff you ride is and your handiness with the clutch lever, that may or may not be a big deal.  It is amazing how smooth and luggable an MX 250 engine is though.  2Ts do not flame out and quit at super low rpm like some 4Ts do.  4T's give you that hooked up lunge though, which is nice.


If I were you, I would keep the YZ, and find a clean  and well set up used 450 enduro.  Variety is the spice of life :)  If you are not into 4Ts at all, I would just keep riding that YZ as is, and spend the coin on suspension mods and maintenance, and perhaps treat her to a rod kid, crank seals and big end bearings.  That YZ will run forever.

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there is nothing like a new bike.specially a 300 2stroke

Cheers guys, certainly will be cheaper to do the yz, but will it be as good. It's already got Enduro suspension, regeared (sprockets + chain) rejetted ( still not 1000%) flywheel wieght etc, its a tough time that's for sure

A TE 300 is a dedicated enduro bike with perfect gearing, suspension, power and bling.  Would love to own one.  If I hit the Lotto, I will.


So to answer your question, ya, a TE 300 will be better.  Is it 8 grand better?  Only your wallet knows :)  That said, I haul the mail on the CR250, faster than I go on the 'Berg 450.  Part of that is because the 2T is light and nimble, the other part is because the 2T is "disposable".  I am not afraid of hurting a relatively low value MX 250, so I ride the hell out of it.  Funny how concerns about my own personal well being more or less goes out the window when riding a 2 stroke.  As you know from your riding your YZ, they are like a very fun bad news drinking buddy.  2Ts just egg me on.

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