Kx65 leaking oil

Hi i have an 02 kx 65 i just pickedup at a local swapmeet and as i started riding it ive noticed my trans oil is leaking out from my clutch cover right behind where my kickstart is. It look like some gasket material is missing.. Also a milkey color in my oil when i fill it.

Has this happened to anybody? How can i fix it?and how hard will it be? Any input is appreciated thankyou.

Get a new gasket and check for cracks in the cover.


As for the milky stuff. May be a bad waterpump seal, dumped in water and water got in trans breather or may be the wrong type of oil used. I've seen oils come out milky.


Being from a swapmeet, well, you bought a real gem. Be prepared to start tearing it down and throwing parts at it.

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383165651.403021.jpg

It might be from a swapmeet but its clean. Im going to do the waterpump seal like u said and check for cracks on the cover and case. Thanks for the input anything helps

ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1383384107.742445.jpg

That's most likely a bad or ripped gasket. That's a prime area for not getting aligned and the gasket ends up getting bent of ripped due tot he frame when trying to get the sidecase on. Pick up a new OEM gasket and you should be ok.

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