anyone ride/members at towercity PA?

Looking for thumpers to ride w/ at the city. I am 32, intermediate, and can go pretty good at towercity. The posers I ride w/ always back out.

I live in Philly, and am willing to ride anywhere,almost anytime. I have to check with my wife from time to time, but I am able to go pretty much anytime. I am a member at TCTRI,b-82.

I can be reached on this forum or TCTRI forum, same display name on both. :):D


I'm member A-76 and hit-man is also a member.

Let's ride :)


Yes we can do that, but you might have to wait a while for me. My bike is getting a total makeover, you won't know its a 426 until you hear it blast by you :) . I'll fill you in when the makeover is done. THANX! See Ya on the trails soon. ~HITMAN~


Hey Squidwerd,

I'm an officer and the web guy for Tower City. I ride with a lot of other guys on 426's and your more than welcome to join us. You have to like to hill climb though !!! Go to the Contact Us page for the Tower City web site and click on the email icon to email me. I am usually up every weeked, and now that it's hunting season, I typically go up on a Sunday.

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Hey Squidwerd:

Myself and a few friends go up to Tower City fairly regularly, I'm member #472.

We were up there yesterday.

We'll all have to get together and ride.


Any body in western PA that wanna go riding?>?/

Hey where is that place . Im in delaware \ newark wilmington. need directions how much etc. thanks in advance



Goto the Tower City web site and all of the information you need is here. You have to check the place out, it's definetely one of the top 3 riding spots on the entire east coast, hands down !!!

Thank you all for the replies. I'll be contacting for a ride after the holidays.

Thumpin in the city.

look out scooters here comes a real thumper!!!!!!

99-400f homer

01-xr100r marge

00 husky 50 twister

91 kx125 buddy bike :):D:D

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