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Hi guys great forum.

I'm only just getting into dirt bikes and know very little bout them.


I purchased a TM 250MX 4 stroke a few weeks ago. The guy I bought it of said it was an 06 model but when I sent the V.I.N to my local dealer they said it was an 04 model.
So that leads me to my first question. Is there much differnce between the two?
Either way it's a great bike and has been really easy to get comfortable with.

I've put about 5 to 6 hours on it and want to give it a service and that leads me to my second question.

Do these bikes have seperate geabox oil? If so what oil should I use and how much?


Below is a photo of my bike.
Thanks in advance for any help.



yes they are diffrent. 2004 was the first of that look


but in 2005 they change the swingarm and sub frame. 

Rear breaks changed in 2005 to one whit integrated reservoir.


Think also the  shock length  increased by 3cm in 2005




I don`know much  more than that on the  four strokes, hope it helps

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thanks buddy that does help a little.

Oh and so i don't sound like a fool the bikes at my parents house 2 hours from me otherwise I'd go check the oil situation out my self.

TM250F does not have separate gearbox oil. That is why it is critical to change oil and filter often. Also never run the bike anywhere near low on oil. Oil pressure to the camshaft drops off and if these are starved of oil you are in for serious costs.


Use synthetic oil 10w-50. There is a window to show the oil level. Takes about 1.5l. Check level while idleing and bike is level. Keep it at the top level mark.


Sweet ride.

Definitely a 2004, there are some differences as said before, swingarm, rearbrake pedal, forks.

Probably differences in engine parts too although that might be harder to see.

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