Fuel injected or carburetor

I'm fairly new to MX so What's the difference between a fuel injected dirt bike and carburetor dirt bike?

The one has fuel injection and the other has a carb.



What exactly are you trying to find out ?

Like What's the performance difference and which one would you prefer

And what is the fuel injection operates I just wanna know before I make a trade for my 06 rmz 250

FI, by itself, on all but a few bikes, is a step backwards in performance, at the moment.

KX250 is one of the bikes where the FI is a step forward.

It's main goal is profitability for the manufacture, and a wider range of elevation use.




Which are you more comfortable with, using software and a laptop, or a wrench and screw driver?


Both require adjustment.

I'm honestly comfortable with both I have a rmz 250 but I'm thinking bout switching to FI

FI offers easier starts cold and warm and a smoother "hit" that is tunable.  My 2012 ktm is still carbbd, but the dungey edition and the 2013 are FI.  Most manufacturers started like 08 ish to go FI so if you are getting an fi bike in general i would avoid a first year deal.


I wouldnt turn away an FI bike, especially on the SM track where off to on throttle tends to be a little jumpy in the lower rpms when you have sticky tires, but its tunable.  Tuning is easier(to some) with FI but some bikes require a programmer that you need to buy so keep that in mind.  Some bikes have selectable maps by swapping jumpers.

Thanks this helped a lot

I have a KX 250 2012 which has dual injectors, never felt a carb bike that responsive and fuel efficient, also like that I can ride at different altitudes without having to rejet. 


A carb setup perfectly is suppose to be just as responsive but then it would need adjusting all the time.


If you have the connectors and the mapping software you can also adjust further without getting your hands dirty.  

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