Acerbis Off-Road skid plate fit on 2008 CRF450R

Has anyone used the Acerbis Off-Road skid plate on a 2008 CRF450R? Acerbis fitment lists ok for a 2008 CRF450X, but not for the "R". I would think that the available mounting points are identical on the two bikes, but am wondering about the "R" exclusion from Acerbis list. Have used the search function, but still can't achieve certainty that it will fit on the "R".


Spoke to Adam at Acerbis yesterday, and he said that one of his co-workers had the plate on a R, but had to do some minor fitment mods. Am wanting to order an Acerbis plate today, so if anyone has input on this, please let me know...

It will bolt right up but you must cut off some material that get in the way of the brake pedal.cheers

Thank you... Sounds like an easy fix with a dremel.

Received my Acerbis skid plate today, and am thoroughly pleased. Fit right on the bike. As stated above, there is a tiny bit of conflict between the brake pedal and the plate, but it is certainly tolerable (the rivet on the pedal only slightly rubs the plate).


Highly recommended!!!!

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