2007 KX450F Timing Chain Jumping Teeth

I have an 07 KX450F that keeps jumping teeth on the exhaust cam. It's been standing for 2 years and I cannot start it. Can anyone help?

Replace the cam chain it is probably worn.


Or if recently replaced then check the chain tensioner is working properly and holding tension.

Hi Shawn

Thanks for that, I'll get busy and let you know how it turns out.

New timing chain is a must.


Hold the tensioner in your hands, and wind it in, while holding the ram back. Then gently release the pressure on the ram end and ensure it moves out smoothly and holds firm. If you suspect the slightest problem with it, then replace it for sure.


If any teeth on the cam spockets look damaged, then replace the cams. They are under $100 each.


You just cannot risk not doing these checks on a 4 stroke.

Timing chain may have a kink too.  Buy a new one!

Though the timing chain may need to be replaced this sounds more like a tensioner issue. Make sure the tensioner is operating properly by removing it and inspecting it thoroughly.

I popped a new chain in and checked the teeth and tensioner. She started third kick and purrs like a kitten. Thanks for all the help guys. Sorted!

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