Directions to 2013 WFO Enduro from HWY5?


Where the hell is this race, location on flyer just says near Stonyford.....   My son and I will be staying in Willows. Need to find from there.

The Stonyford Enduros start out of Davis Flat, from 5 take the Maxwell exit and head west toward the mountains. Follow the signs to Stonyford. The clubs put up paper signs to help you get to the right place as well.

I would not suggest driving back to Maxwell to get to Stonyford from Willows. Hwy 162 is a much nicer and higher speed route.

Watch for the right turn is you come in to the town of Stonyford it is directly after the Forest Circus office.,+CA+95988&daddr=39.362936,++-122.654723&hl=en&sll=39.524303,-122.193546&sspn=0.106856,0.196724&geocode=FeYXWwIdR3m3-ClpWM3cPwWDgDGv5E0ysMZzyg%3BFXihWAId_W-w-A&mra=ls&t=m&z=11


Have dinner at Casa Ramos in Willows.

My bad, I missed the "staying in Willows" part!

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