Anyone register a off-road dirtbike in Newfoundland?


I bought a 2004 wr250f a few months ago. I figured I'd try to get it registered because it is technically the law (although I can count on 1 hand the number of dirtbikes I've seen around with a plate on it.) So called up the dmv and asked what was needed. They said a bill of sale is all you need and you got to pay for the plate. So i got them to run the vin on the phone, she said it has never been registered so just bring in the bill of sale, pay the tax and registration and your good. I go in there wait, about 67 years and go up to the window and buddy there says the bike is registered to someone that doesn't match the bill of sale and i need to track down the owner who's name matches (but wouldn't provide it due to privacy polices).


I'm not even sure if anyone on this site even lives here, but if so is it worth the headache or should I just giver?

Sounds like a bit of a mess.  Without a name gonna be tough.  Did you try contacting the previous owner to determine if he has contact info for who he bought it from?  Did the folks at motor registration mention if they could contact the registree on your behalf?  Try calling the 1-800 number and see if you can speak to a manager to see if there's anything they can do/recommend.  My experience is they are pretty helpful if you can get someone whos not afraid to make a decision.  1-877-636-6867


Try checking with Yamaha, they might be able to get you some contact info for the original purchaser.  even if they cant give you the info, perhaps they can get in touch with em.


Theres a few people on here from the rock. is a Newfoundland based forum with good info, although there just now recovering from a hacker shutdown.


Good luck and let us know how it works out.

In the process of trying to contact him. He works some sort of turnaround in Labrador and I just missed him last week. He isn't the original owner of it though. I'll give the 1 800 number another try and I do agree that he people on the phone are much better to deal with

Thanks for the heads up on the site.

No worries, and like you said, barely see anyone with a off road plated dirtbike here.  But once its reg'd for offroad, super easy to plate for street if you want to go that route.  


Good luck!

Just called... No luck. Without the name of the last registered owner it's not going to happen unfortunately. They said they couldn't contact them, the guy was pretty informative but there wasn't much he could do.

Yeah where it is a WR I was hoping for a duel sport kit somewhere down the road.



You try Yamaha?  They may have records of who original purchaser was, and wont have all the bureaucratic red tape motor registration has to deal with.


Sorry to see things aren't working out.

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The fella on the phone did tell me the bike was registered in 2008 though. So it is likely not the original owner who last owned it. But i do recall the person I got it from saying that he never registered it because the price on the bill of sale was the full price. When he got to the DMV he found out that it would be a few hundred bucks so he said shag it.

So hopefully I only have to go back one owner in order to get this thing legal. Until then it's deep woods riding for me I guess lol. I'll prob likely just sell it to someone who lives somewhere more rural or just doesn't care next season if I can't figure it out.

If the guy you bought it from has that bill of sale still from the PO who last registered it then that should be all you need.


Ive never heard of anyone ever being checked (or seen many with a plate) to be honest and I ride mostly around town (between torbay and paradise mostly, goulds sometimes).


Good luck.

I also have also rode up around torbay a few times. It seems that the trails up that was are seeming endless and you get much less death stares from walkers compared to up around Parker's pond road lol.

I think I might have seen you around before because I don't think there is many plated crf250x's around. I've seen that same one around the east end a few times lol.

It's funny how my luck works with the dmv. My first car I had issues getting it on the road and now the issues with this bike. As they say 'there's always some thin'.

Any luck since?


Yeah the people around parkers pond rd think those are hiking trails there walking on, despite being cut by quads... There's tons of trails around torbay/PCSP/the airport.  I still manage to get lost most rides.


May have been me, although I don't usually drive in town much, usual only on roads as far as the trails unless im headed to and from an area.  Black jacket, white helmet.  Getting cold for riding now, hard to clutch/brake properly with thicker gloves on our tight ass rocky trails,  :ride:

Nope no luck yet he is still away for another week. If I can't trace it back I have some tricks up my sleeve I shall try muahaha. Will update with results.

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