where can I buy a kx65 rekluse clutch basket?

i picked up a used clutch from someone but they did not have the basket. they sold the bike off couple of years eariler. So i need to find someone with a complete used setup or at least the clutch basket from rekluse for it. does soemone know where i can find one? new theya re $200 and that's 50% of the price of a new one.


Thanks for your time,


Which rekluse? You should be okay with a oem basket I would think.

it is the z-start pro clutch. they said it is a specal custom basket that is much different than the stock design and this will not function correctly w/o their basket. they also told me the stock basket will shatter. i asked abotu using an aftermarket basket and they said their basket was a bit different for the z-start clutch and that I had to run their basket for it to function correctly.


so looks like i'm screwed.

yea i watched, i also just called, they said the smaller engines their baskets are a cheaper quality and they have had issues trying to use them, so they said they produced a buillet basket to resovle those issues. :(


i guess it does not hurt to try. i mean, if worse that happens is the clutch busts up, then ok replace clutch with a new one and new case side and new clutch cover.

parts are like $250 to go back to stock style parts used max.

I guess I don't see the difference in the auto versus manual clutch causing an issue with the basket but a good billet one would be better.

i agree. i do not see a difference either. maybe just a nice buillet will work.

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