Uncontrollable Revving

Hi, Earlier today i could not get my ktm 144sx to start, which i soon found out was because someone had pulled off the contact to the spark plug and obviously forgotten to put put it back on  :thumbsup:, after i put this back on sure enough on the first kick the bike fired up, however it began to fully rev out of control and i couldn't get it to stop so i killed the bike after only about 5 seconds because i didn't want it blowing up or anything. Did this happen because i had been kicking the kick over without the spark plug engaged? And how can i prevent it happening when i start it up again.




One night I tested my bike and it worked fine, put it in the garage.


Next day I took it to the track and I started it first kick, ran wide open throttle just like yours.


Somehow the slide in the carb got stuck open, was a matter of taking it out and putting it back in. I'd open up the carb and see whats going on.


If the carb checks out, you need to check for a vacuum leak.

Thanks, i will try that! I have only had the bike for a few months and have avoided touching the carb because in know things can get complicated ;) (especially since i have near to no bike mechanic experience) but yeh i will try that and see how i get on, thanks again.

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