Jetting question with pictures

04 gnarly pipe turbine core 2.

165 pilot

45 main

32:1 927 and 93 pump gas

Did a plug chop test...pic included

Seems to be running great just curious if the spooge looks right?



I think you are running too much oil. That okay but your going to have to repack your muffler more often. I run mine 32:1 as well because I don't want to blow it.

32:1 isn't anywhere near too much oil.The plug looks really good though . Hmmm?maybe the packing is just old? Because some oil is going to get into the pipe no matter what. As long as it runs well and your plug looks like that is say your jetting is great haha

Hopefully it doesn't need repacking it doesn't even have an hour on it....thanks for the replies

My 04 is the same way with  the spooge, I just learned to live with it,,,,,Mine runs like a bat out of hell,,,,,You could probably use some kind of synthetic oil to get rid of the spooge if it really gets on Your nerves,,,I just clean it off every once in a while, and repack My silencer every couple of Years...........Dr.D..

Maybe get some low ash oil?

The spooge doesn't both me just didnt know if that was to much.... May try synthetic havent thought about that...also what is low ash oil

Lucas oil is low ash im sure almost every brand makes a low ash oil though. It just means that it burns better.

WD40 is the best for cleaning off the fender that I have found.  My 04 spooges like that.  if I am running wide open for long periods of time (GP w/pavement) it can be coated with that crap.... because I blow everything out of the pipe and muffler. :)  biggest annoying part for me is the spatter/stain I get on my jersey. 

Looks good just a bit richer than mine I'm running the same jetting on mine except yamalube 2r 20:1

I would be scared to run that lean...

I do a lot of hill climbs were im in 3rd gear pinned for 10 seconds and my bike hasn't had any issues

Looks a lil rich 32:1 is a def safe zone that manufacturers set so owners don't ever have a lubrication problem but its rich in my opinion.Plus some brand oils tead to be a little thickers than others.I run Motul 800 at 40:1 and I've never had a lean issue and or seen a lubrication problem when doing a top end.With good oils you can run a lil leaner and get crisper throttle if your bike is jetted right.What plug are you running?I drop to 3.5 oz per gallon and see how it runs.

Br8eg plug..... So 32:1 is just the ratio to cover manufactures ass?

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