'05 CRF250R front brake master cylinder issue

Hey guys, this is not so much make/model specific but not sure where else to post. 


I am wondering what controls the action of the lever, such that when you pull the front brake lever, it travels more than half way to the grip before it even begins to push the piston inside the master cylinder and then activating the caliper pucks. I have installed new pads,changed the fluid and have bled the system enough to change the fluid another time around.


It does not feel spongy at all once you get down to braking business, I just like to get braking much sooner in the lever travel.

Edit: There is no "stop bolt" (adjuster bolt) on the brake lever. Aftermarket folding levers are installed.


Thinking of picking up a master cylinder rebuild kit but didn't want to do that if there was an adjustment somewhere that I am not seeing.


Any ideas?

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first off since you have after market levers, you have to make sure that you have a gap between the lever and the master cylinder piston where the 2 contact.  If you do not, you will trap air in the system and make the caliper drag. 


second, make sure you have the caliper slide PINS greased.  Not the pad retainer pin, but pull the caliper off the bracket and grease those pins.

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