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2011 Kawasaki KX450F Top End Engine Torque Settings

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Hey Guys.


Can someone PLEASE Help????????


I have a 2011 KXF450 and I am currently rebuilding the top end but don't know what torque settings to use...


I made the stupidest mistake last time when the cam chain tensioner broke (apparently quite common) I tightened everything but didn't torque anything and as you would expect the bike ran but spat water straight from the engine onto the floor.


Everything has now been skimmed, crack tested and is ready to be rebuilt but I need to know the CORRECT settings to use.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to your advise

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44 foot pounds for cylinder head bolts.  7 foot pounds for cam tower caps and valve cover bolts.


General rule of thumb for dirt bikes:  6mm  7-8 foot pounds,  8mm 15-20 foot pounds, 10mm 40-45 foot pounds

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