Insurance Question

I never insured a bike before, or anything as inexpensive as this bike. Seems like comprehensive and collision coverage is expensive and hard to justify. Do you guys/gals just buy liability coverage?

Full coverage on mine.....seems like it was only around $165 per year.

Full coverage on mine for $75.00 per year $500.00 deductible. 

I am 51 years of age with 4 vehicles and a clean record.  

I carry full coverage because I financed it and don't have the option.

Full coverage in NJ for $200 per year. Will do this for the next 2 years most likely. After that, the bike drops in value and IMO it doesn't pay off. In paid $1100 for a gsxr750 per year. Talk about a difference.

I dont have my bike insured, but my quad is. Basically $10 a month for full coverage. Not only will it replace the bike if stolen or damaged, but more importantly it covers the rider.If  I hurt myself, I am covered. To me it is a piece of mind. I dont have as much money tied up in my bike as I do the quad, nor do I ride it as aggressive as i do the quad, that is really my only reason for no insurance on it. Other than I can pick up another bike fairly cheap compared to any used built Raptor 700.

Full coverage here, it was like $120/year stock... just upgraded to insure my mods at $3k over the bikes value and now it's $160/year (39 years old/married).

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