stator keeps failing

i have a 1976 ts 185 and my stator just stopped working so i replaced it and it worked but then it stopped working again whats the problem

It could be a bad stator ground, bad connector or other wiring harness problem, CDI box, kill switch, etc.


It's also possible your old stator is still OK, and replacing it with the new one temporarily fixed the real problem.





If my cdi is bad would it cause this. I disconected my kill switch and nothing.

When it was working it was good at low rpm but when I went to a higher rpm it failed.

A loose spark plug boot fried the stator on my 1986 husky 510.

On my ignition coil I'm supose to have 0.7 ohms but I have 1.4 and the on the secondary side I should have 12k ohms but I have 19k. and on my stator I have 195 ohms on my pulser coil and I should have 75. My excited coil has 230 and I should have 220 soo idk

Everything reads high?  Suspect your VOM.


Volt/Ohm Meter.

im pretty sure my meter is good.

if my cdi is bad what would that do

check the ground on the battery I've seen bad grounds on battery fire a stator since it put them under a heavier charge load.Also are you getting 12 volts to one side of the coil with the key on?check that.

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