Strange bogging sound idling and high rpm rev

01 honda cr250 put new gas and plug running 40:1 tried racing fuel made it worse so I went down to mid grade fuel got a little better. Every thing is stock. Bogs at high rpm wheb I revved it ouy and lurches at low speed. Idle sounds like its puting around just to stay on. I am thinking its carb thinking of getting the kehin carb prejetted from carb part warehouse on ebay. Previous owner only used it for trail riding and compression is good starts first kick.

That sounds like a carb issue, maybe an air leak. Try stock jetting

My name is chad too ✌

It is stock jetting I've researched and was told to use a j7 needle or something but the best option ive saw was a keihin carb pre jetted with a jet kit and throttle cable;)

Sounds like your main jet needs to be changed, you should rejet the whole carb.

Yea it bogs out and won't hit powerband

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