Spring change

Any one got any ideas other the manual to change my fork spring 2013 Rmz250

I have a spring compressor that don't work I'm trying to keep from paying 180$ for a socket

And ideas as for how much oil to put in the other fork I'm 160 race hs/mx c rider

I made a socket for the top of the spring fork. Just put saran wrap over cap and smush quick steel. Make or use a spanner with 2 points. Dig into the epoxy so it has impression of wrench. Let sit and...ala cazam! Whammy! ...you got a fork cap wrench for $10. You can send the $170 you saved to ac717...I accept paypal.hhahahahah

Cool ill try that


Ala cazaam! Whammy! I love this guy! Remember Shazaam!? Yall too young for that!

You do not need the special wrench because you DO NOT have to break down the spring adjuster portion to change the fork spring. You can change the spring in this fork in the same manner you would the 47mm Showas.

The spring in the fork is very stout and you will need some way (maybe a long bar through the axle hole to push down on)to help you compress the fork enough to get you wrench under the base bolt. Have someone help you when compressing the fork to avoid possible damage and injury.

I would also suggest going a few kg lighter on the fork spring than what factory connec may say. I installed the spring they said I should need and it works, however I am all the way out on the preload adjuster. Had I went with a lighter spring I could have been able to fine tune it with the preload adjuster even better.

Hope this helps

That worked me and a buddy did it in about 15 min thanks a lot

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