Best year for Crf 150rb

I was looking on other websites and could not find anything on this so I decided to ask people who have a crf 150r.Please help me

I have never owned one. But i believe 07, 08 &09 were the same bike. They didnt make the bike again until 2012. Honda did some tweeks to better the bike, but not major changes. Just google 2012 crf150r, racer x did a test on it. The newer models 12, 13 ,14 are the same too.

In '07 there were some issues so most would say this is the worst year. '08-'09 were the same and Honda didn't import them for 2010-2011. In 2012 and up cam, head, carb and suspension were revised and are better out of the box bikes. In race trim at a national level all bikes run the same. At a local level it all depends on set-up in which year runs best. If you can find a good used bike go for it because these bikes come will extras and savings can go into suspension for the rider.


I have our 2008 big wheel for sale just not posted yet. PM me if you are interested.

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