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What's your mod list?

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Just curious of your mods list.  I will list what I have done so far.  I would like to see in a list what you have done to your bike...


-13T Sprocket

-Plasti-dipped red plastics Black

-FMF Powercore exhaust

-Flatlands Radiator guard

-MSR aluminum shifter lever

-Borrego tail rack

-Rear brake master cylinder guard

-Zeta billet heel guard

-Zeta skid plate

-Zeta armor guards with XC protectors & integrated flashers (stock front flashers removed)

-Front side reflectors removed

-Dennis Kirk expandable tail bag

-Fixed rate turn signal flasher

-DRC Edge 2 LED tail light

-DRC Edge 2 upgraded processor board

-Smoked color tail lens

-GPS RAM mount for Garmin GPS

-Cigarette lighter adapter mounted to handlebar

-Seat Concepts seat regular gripper black

-Dunlop intermediate tires front and rear

-Modified license plate mount/frame

-All stickers removed

-HID white front headlight



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Nothing yet, but I haven't even picked mine up yet haha. I get mine Saturday. I do know that right away I'm doing exhaust and at very least a 13 front sprocket, probably a 42 rear too. The 13 is a for sure though. Not sure what else yet, but the gearing and exhaust are for sures right out of the gate.

Your bike looks great btw

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HDB hand guards with mirrors and black anodized

ProTaper Contour 1 1/8 fat bars - Carmichael bend

ProTaper pillow top grips

Zeta 3 finger pivoting levers

Rox 2 inch pivoting risers - black

Corbin seat

FMF megabomb/Q4 exhaust

EJK fuel programmer

Modded air box

13/42 sprocket combo

SpeedoDRD calibrator

Folding Shifter

Flatlands Skid plate

Flatlands Radiator guard

Zeta front sprocket guard

IRC TR8 Battle Rally tires 3.00x21 - 4.50x18 

Fork rebuild by Race Tech - springs and gold valves

Race Tech custom GS-3 rear shock

Yoshimura rear tail light/fender eliminator kit

B&B Cycles 305 Big Bore kit


Wish List: 

Fastway Foot pegs

Scotts Damper

Custom HRC CBR305X graphics 



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I purified mine in Lake Minnetonka. No other mods needed.

My in-laws lived on Lake Minnetonka in Wayzata

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Complete mod list...

Removed all warning stickers
Removed seat strap
Removed front and rear reflectors
Tourmaster Synergy 2.0 Heated Gear battery lead, with Battery Tender adapter
DRC Wide Footpegs
ManRack Utility rack with RotoPax
Acerbis Rally Pro Handguards
Seat Concepts "Low" seat
Electronic Jet Kit (EJK)
DRC Type 602 LED Flashers/Signals with DRC Front Flasher Holder
DRC Edge Integrated Tail Light
FMF Q4 and MegaBomb with stock heat shield
15t c/s sprocket
Snorkel removed
Zeta levers
Cycra Supermoto Front Fender
White OEM shrouds
Flatland skid plate
Flatland radiator guard
305cc big bore


Build thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1006976-slolanes-build-thread/



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Here is a quick list...   This bike is fun to work on....


Completed Mod List:

  • Removed all warning stickers
  • Removed seat strap
  • Removed front reflectors
  • Battery tender adapter leadElectronic Jet Kit (EJK)
  • Snorkel removed
  • Backfire screen removed
  • modded air box side cover with UNI-coarse prefilter
  • ManRack Utility rack with RotoPax
  • ManRack Fork Tiedowns
  • CRFsOnly Front Tugger Strap
  • Moose/APX Racing skidplate (I jammed a tree branch between the stock cover and the frame)
  • Zeta axle blocks
  • 14/45T current, can fit 15/45, 13/48,14/48T
  • longer chain 110?
  • Zeta Billet Upper & Lower Chain Guard
  • Black front fork guards
  • Works Connection Tach/hour meter
  • DRD speedo calibrator
  • CRF150R OEM folding shifter
  • USB Weatherproof socket (edited 11/4)


To do Mods in no specific order:


  • 305 big bore kit
  • CBR250R throttle body
  • Custom airbox top/ snorkel
  • Ben740 exhaust
  • Footpegs
  • Folding brake lever
  • Zeta front disc brake guard
  • Emperor Racing Radiator Guard
  • Silicone Radiator Hoses
  • Powder Coating
  • White/Black OEM shrouds, front fender
  • White/Black Supermotto front fender
  • Race Tech Front spring and gold valve upgrade
  • Race Tech or YSS rear shock
  • Ballistic Battery
  • Protaper 1 1/8 bars 
  • Hand Guards w/ mirrors.
  • ? Triple clamp w/ cones
  • HDB or BRP Sub Mount for Scotts Damper (when available) ?
  • Scotts Damper ?
  • HID front light
  • Rigid Industries D2 LED Driving Lights
  • Larger Fuel Tank
  • Cylinder Head Porting/Larger Valves
  • New Cams
  • DRC Type 602 LED Flashers/Signals, LED Flasher Relay, Driving light diode
  • DRC Edge Integrated Tail Light
  • 18/21 billet hubs/black wheels
  • 17/17 SuperMoto  billet hubs/ black wheels



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Reflector removal

Debadging/sticker removal

Stock foot brake and shift levers*

DRC Edge 2 integrated tail light, smoked

Fixed rate turn signal flasher

DRC wide foot pegs*

Zeta heel guard*

Zeta chain guard*

Zeta skid plate*

Zeta front and rear brake reservoir covers*

Zeta oil filter cover*

Zeta oil filler plug*

Zeta engine plugs*

Zeta sprocket cover*

Zeta hand guards*

Zeta XC flasher protectors

Flatland Racing radiator guard*

PowerMadd handguard mirrors

FMF Q4 slip on muffler

FMF megabomb header

EJK fuelicon1.png programmer

Modded airbox

13T front sprocket

Acerbis universal lower fork guards, black

Acerbis SM front fender, white

7.5 in Honda crossbar pad

All weather USB plug (best mod ever!)

RAM mounting system for iPhone

Grey plastic cover near right side engine case, painted satin black

Stock gas cap, painted satin black

42T JT rear sprocket

BikerBitz brake master cylinder guard*

Adventureicon1.png Spec engine case guards*

Zeta 3 finger shorty levers

Polished exhaust (dark bronze color now, need more heat to turn blue)

Outlaw racing folding foot shift lever*



To Do:

Powder coat wheels, hubs, spokes and nipples in satin black

Install spoke skins, red

Install seat concepts kit

Install HEL SS brake lines

Install Zeta Z carbon fork wraps

Install Acerbis SM from fender, black


Potential Purchases:

Black plastics (radiator shrouds, headlight, lower fork guards)

Folding foot brake lever

305 cc BB kit

Lighter battery (Shorai)

Race Tech suspension, front and rear


* Indicates an item that was powder coated in satin black

Link to my mod thread: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/1048467-johnnyutahs-mods-list/



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Barkbusters VPS handguards
Renthal bars
Rox 2 inch pivoting risers
Aerosol cheese dispenser
FMF megabomb/Q4 exhaust
EJK fuel programmer
Blessed by a rabbi, priest and Tom Cruise
Modded air box
13/42 sprocket combo
Treasure map hidden under tank
Hardline tach/hr. guage
Folding Shifter
Emperor Racing Skid plate
Emperor Racing Radiator guard

Dragon tattoos on the inside of the tires
Yoshimura rear tail light/fender/wife eliminator kit

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