40+ Racing

I am going to start racing for the first time in my 40s. I know I will not be fast I just enjoy motocross.  I was wanting to know how many others started in there 40s?

I did @ 46.

Just go out and have fun, no one is watching you (but you will be worried they are). You will be slower than you thought your first time, but it only gets better. The best adrenaline rush in the world, good luck.

I am going to start racing for the first time in my 40s. I know I will not be fast I just enjoy motocross. I was wanting to know how many others started in there 40s?

I started at 48, I'm 53 now. It doesn't matter if you're slow compared to anyone else, you lined up for the gate drop and that sets you apart from the majority of people who swing a leg over a bike. Plus, you can only get faster, while the young, fast guys can only watch their lap times get longer. Do it and just enjoy the ride. It's a blast.

Plus, you can only get faster, while the young, fast guys can only watch their lap times get longer.


Wow!  I like that...  Have to remember that to rub into some of the "kids" I ride with!

I am 35 and I started racing this year. Had never really ridden a dirt bike until recently. I used to road race and got into mx with my kids.

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1st motorcycle at 40.

1st dirt bike at 41

1st track at 42

1st race at 43

 fast forward 30+ races and 7 years , a few scrapes, cuts and bruises, and I'm faster now than I've ever been. I'm sure you've heard the saying, you don't get old and quit riding, you quit riding and get old...

Started riding in the dirt with my then 6 year old son at 43 and racing MX at 46. There is no "D" class so I entered the 30+ C, and only did 2-3 races the first year.

At 48 I entered about 6 races in the 40C class. Didn't do bad, mid pack finishes for the most part, and having fun. 

This year my 12 year old son and I decided to step it up and entered AMA D34. We have competed in at least 19 events in NJ, Pa. NY, and Mass.. We are actually doing quite well with our last race coming up on Sunday. We are both consistently upper mid-pack finishers being the fastest of slow guys, or the slowest of the fast guys! Considering we have no track anywhere near us and only ride when racing we are doing awesome.

The 40c class is a good bunch of guys for the most part and though competitive when the gate drops, we all know we have to work Monday. 

Motocross is a great sport and I absolutely love sharing it with my son!

I'm entering my first race in a months time in a charity event. Never even been on a track before and I'm 27, nervous and unsure what to expect. Excited tho and I can't wait. Any tips for me please??

For the op, started at 40, and only getting better.  Things recently have been starting to click, like my understanding of the bike jetting and suspension setup.


For the new rider, just try to finish.  Practice there ahead of time if you can, it will help a ton.  Expect to come in last so anything better is a bonus.  Results come with experience. 


The traffic is what is hardest for me.  Just hold your line on the track so faster guys can pass you, and focus on your riding, not them.  They will find their way around if you are not weaving all over the place.

i started riding mx at 16 but never raced because i really couldnt afford it at the time.  Rode for 2 years and was fast C slow B during open track days.  I regret not racing in my teens and selling my mx bikes to go to school.  Im now 32 and have raced supermoto but plan on racing some MX in the near future!  Riding trails and practicing now(never stopped riding, just did trails and not MX) I have a different respect for riding.  Its easy at 16 to ride outside of your limits, but at 30+ you see things differently.  I think you will enjoy it and you certainly aren't alone obviously.


Have Fun!

i also started racing (hare scrambles) after age 40. raced one last year just to see what it would be like and had an absolute blast. got hooked and raced a few more last summer. then i hit almost every race in one of our local series this year in the 40-49 "C" class. our local series has a lot of "vet" (30-39) and "senior" (40-49) racers--including a lot of relative newbies in the "senior C" class. we even have a good number of "super senior" (50+) racers (most of those guys are really good...a couple of them routinely come in near the top overall).


last year, i just treated them as fast paced trail rides. this year, i started actually "racing" more.


it's a lot of fun...in different way than just going trailriding for the day (which is obviously a lot of fun, too).


also, racing--even though i'm not winning or anything--has made me a waaaaayyyy better rider and, as a result, i have a lot more fun just trail riding as well.


i highly recommend trying it out. and, assuming the people where you are are anything like the people in our series, you will be warmly welcomed and everyone will be very willing to help you out/help you get comfortable. i've noticed that woods racers...particularly older woods racers...tend to be very nice people. (note: if someone comes up behind you and yells or revs their engine, they are just letting you know they are there and are trying to pass you safely. don't take it as them getting mad at you. it's just the only way to communicate in that situation. if you let them by--which i recommend doing at first at least--most will then yell "thank you".)



EDIT: just realized this is in the MX forum...thought i was in the off road forum. at any rate, i'm sure the MX experience will be similar to my hare scramble experience. just get out there and have fun!

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I am going to start racing for the first time in my 40s. I know I will not be fast I just enjoy motocross.  I was wanting to know how many others started in there 40s?

I started riding when I was 10 and now I'm 59. I wish I would have known all the proper riding techniques when I was younger. But at least I learned them by the time I was in my 40s. As a matter of fact I learned them so well that I've taught them to over 500,000 riders through my motocross schools and technique DVDs (currently 26 DVDs). See free previews and order the DVDs or Streams online at: www.motocrossdvds.com 


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I started racing when I turned 40.  The very first race I was by myself and didn't know anything.  I still remember that first gate drop.  I hesitated just a bit so I wouldn't be in the middle of the pack at the first turn.  My goal was not to come in last.  The race was only 5 laps and about half way through somebody fell down and I passed them.  But then on the last lap I actually passed somebody.  What a rush.  I eventually won my first trophy but the next year I crashed big on a double  and broke my leg.  I decided to give it up but now I'm 52 and just bought another bike so here we go again.  Only this time it's for fun and exercise and not so much the competition.  Of course once you get on the track.....

40 here and just started riding dirt bikes late last year with my daughter. First race for both of us was in May. I wouldnt give it up for anything. Wish  i'd discovered this when I was 30. I'm slow and run beginners class for now. Just ride your race and have fun. OP where in Alabama r u from. I live right on the Alabama/ MS line.

My dad's first race was when he was 43. Second race was 2wks later and he broke 14 ribs. Not a fun time. But now, he is 57 and still racing. He even did a Local SX race this past summer. I can push him a little but he is just out there to have fun. He doesn't need to win, or even get a trophy. As long as he finishes the day out without issues and has fun, it's a win.

I am in North AL

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