Can anybody answer my question?!

My clutch hub does not spin freely within the clutch basket. I have all the plates out and its like the hub is tight with the basket. Is this supposed to happen? (my clutch does not engage or disengage) trying to find the problem


Nope somthing wrong here remove nut ..check all parts carefully    bearing? 

1996 ktm250 exc

There's a washer that goes between the hub and the basket, sounds like you are missing it.  - OR - There's a spacer with a crown on it, the crown goes on the "inside" (case side) of the output shaft, the basket bearing goes on that, then the basket, then the washer and then the hub.


Pretty straight forward....


Look up the exploded view if you need a picture.

Thank you zig, I'll let you know if that's the problem as soon as I take it apart!

Any idea of when this happened?  Were you riding it when it locked up?, or did someone take it apart?  That washer being out of place would only make sense if it was reassemble wrong, but don't worry though your not the first to do that and will not be the last.

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