North Carolina buying used dirt bikes

What's happening everyone, I have a question about used bikes in NC. I'm aware that you don't have to register them and don't have to have a title but is there anyway to get a title? Also does a "bill of sale" prove ownership?  Without any requirement for registration how can I find out if a used bike has a "lien" on it? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

Good questions :thumbsup:

I have a friend ho is a state patrolman. Ill ask him

From my experience it is rare to find a used dirt bike with MSO...

NC doesn't title dirt bikes (tho they are looking to make it happen for revenue purposes). At this time, my DMV and local sheriff (Cumberland County) say there is no legal requirement to have a MSO/title nor is there a way to check for stolen bike by VIN. Basically, they don't give a shit, which is why you will rarely fine a used bike with documentation.

NC does not require dirt bikes to have titles or mso's unless you own a dual sport. I've bought & sold many bikes from NC and I always make sure if I'm selling I give a Bill of Sale with vin#, date of sell, buyer/sellers signature & address, state drivers license# and price. If I'm buying a bike I do a NC vin# check with a NC detective friend of mine and make sure it's not filed as stolen. If you're looking at a new/newer bike with a price that's too good to be true you may want to ask questions like where was the bike bought new and call the dealership with the vin# to make sure the bike does not have a bank note lean against it.


No matter how much you would like to think a bike you just purchased is officially yours by law if it has an outstanding finance charge against it then it is officially owned by the lean holder and if they find out where the bike is they will come and get it and can do so legally. I hope this helps with your question.

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