05 cr150f motor in a 08 150 frame

Hi I am looking at doing a 150f motor conversion into an 150r rolling frame for my fiancé", so she has the benefits off better disk brakes on the rear and better suspension all around.

Has anyone on here completed such a conversion and any help in as too what too look out for and as too what trouble I may have would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

I have a similar bike made by BBR back in 2000. It has a perimeter frame, suspension from a CR80 BW, and an 97 XR200 motor. It's a great bike for my grand daughter. She rides the heck out of it, (and waits for me at most trail splits/junctions). :ride:


I did a xr100 engine in a 150r frame and it was tight. U will not be able to do a larger engine unless u start cutting. You might be able to search this forum and find my conversion.

I know of a BBR200 for sale pretty cheap.  Your motor might work. 

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