Rookie clutch issue

I'm still real new to this and just a quick question.. wheb I pull the clutxh lever all the way I can still give it some throttle and it will still go..I just want it be like neutral when I pull it. Idk if I just gota tighten it or what. Plz help and sorry I gota start somewhere : /

Yeah tighten the adjustment cable on the handlebars, if it still creeps forward it could be a number of other things such as a worn out clutch.

No, not correct.


The clutch lever should always have at least 5mm of play at the lever.

Otherwise, when the clutch get's hot, it will expand, and if there is no play it might slip.


You are describing clutch drag, and it is very common on most dirt bikes.

If you try to 'adjust' it out, you might loose the slack you need to prevent slipping.


You did not bother to mention brand,model,year........


But if you cannot adjust it out and still keep your lever slack, and the motor is nice and hot, you have warped metal clutch plates.

the clutch is not like a car clutch which completely disengages , it just takes pressure off the plates not physically pull them apart

Sorry Its a little ssr pitbike. 110cc 2010.

You need freeplay at the lever


Pit bike Front Manual Clutch Adjustment - TBolt USA Tech Database!

Loosen the locknut on the clutch adjuster screw. Tighten the screw until there is very little to no play in the clutch actuator plate. Connect the included clutch cable to the clutch arm and route the cable up to the clutch lever. Be sure that there is a small amount of play at the clutch lever. If not, loosen the clutch adjuster locknut and readjust the clutch adjuster screw.


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