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05 crf 150f motor into an 08 crf 150r frame

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HI I am new to the thumper world and am looking at doing an engine swap in an 150r frame for my fiancé. Would be putting an 05 150f motor into an 08 150R frame.

Has anyone completed such an conversion before, if so what headaches may I encounter and how much trouble would it be as I don't expect it to be a matter of just a simple swap.

Any help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, anything can be done, impossible just takes a little longer.

Along with some skill and patience, you can do it.

Just make that 150 into a 230 with compression, carb and a cam, you will have almost the same power as the original engine.

Might weigh a little more though.

And your bound to have issues with kick start gears for sure!

Recommend to speak to EO about there compression release just on start up. Even then you'll have to be very careful!

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