Cam swap, woo hoo

Scored a set of 2005 cams to put in my 2001. Picked them up for under $100. Looking forward to not needing to do the drill that's for sure. Is there any little trick I might need to know or look at while changing them out? Seems pretty easy cut and dry job. I have done a full top end on my Raptor but I thought I might as well pose the question just in case there is some tip that could help out as I do this. Thanks guys/gals..

you will have to adjust the lash

Meaning typical valve checking or will it be completely different than the 01 specs?

the spec is the same for all years.

what is not identical is the 2 cams.  you could get extremely lucky, but probably not.

Gotcha. I was planning on installing them as a pair. Pulling both mine out of the 01 and installing both from the 05 into the 01 head. From that point it will be checking valve adjustment per spec. I will be checking what I have prior to removal of the existing. Regardless I will be putting the new/used ones in per spec from manual. I have never adjusted the valves on this bike (bad me) so I am sure it needs it. Thanks for the replies SUnruh, I appreciate it.

You'll want to verify the valve clearances. But, in all reality, you won't need to reshim. I've swapped a bunch of cams over the years with Stage 1 Hotcams and WR to YZ cams. All were in tolerance and required no reshimming.

However, the WebCams were a completely different story and needed substantial reshimming. The WebCams were downright impressive performers- a loss of low-low end power, but massive power improvement from mid range right up to the rev limiter. Not a good choice for woods riding, but very fun stuff on a moto track.

Well, I have had the bike for about 6 years and have done nothing to it but add gas and trail ride. I dont ride it anywhere near its potential thats for sure. That is why I have never really done anything to it other than light maintenance. I figure by checking all the valve clearances now, it will be quite a while before I need to do anything else to it. By light maintenance I mean the typical stuff..oil & air filter, typical lubing. I keep it highly clean, OCD clean. Just really looking forward to the ease of starting, that has been its only downfall in my eyes. I do know the drill very well, but for under $100 to make it go away...I am down for that. :thumbsup:

i was down for it in 01.  even more so in 02.  finally in 03 i was THANK YOU finally!  10+ years of no drill has been nice.


yes the 3rd year we finally got the no-drill cam.  which was still 1 year before any other color even came out with a bike.

I have no idea why I did not do this years as soon as I got the bike. Only had 1 valve out of spec on the intake. Took care of that, changed the oil and then the kick...mind you before I kicked it I was pushing the kick lever over with my hand, totally unheard of before, was kind of worried. Strung my leg over and went for the moment of truth. 3rd or fourth kick she fired right up. Of course after 2nd kick it dawned on me to pull the choke, so first 2 kicks don't count in my book. And this was in flimsy vans style tennis shoes, the type you feel pebbles in the driveway type of shoes. Totally makes riding this thing even more fun. I was leaning towards my raptor more and more because of electric start. This is damn near just as easy, lol. I needed a picture of my face when I kicked it over, total picture of happiness. For those of you who have the older bikes, do this mod! Coohead, I know you are one and hopefully you read this as well since you just picked up a new/older one!

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