Ring end gap

Im in the middle of my first top end rebuild.  Rings that came with the wiseco piston measure .013  Wiseco recommends 2nd ring gap to be slightly larger.  Should I file the second ring or is it ok that they both measure the same gap?  Gap is within spec.  Bikes is a 2003 yz250.

Does wiseco suggest a recommended difference? Like 1 or 2 extra thousandths on the bottom ring? You could call their tech department and ask specifically. If the gap is on the tight end of the tolerance it couldn't hurt to widen the second ring slightly especially if it's recommended. Don't know if that answered or gave you any insight hahaha. If I were you I would call wiseco or file second ring to middle of the spec range.

I would guess that if they both fall into the specified range, I would just leave them as is. What exactly is the wording that Wiseco recommends?

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