mx pants fitment

I have a question, I have a problem with MX pants fitment as I am an older vet class guy. My waist is 34-35 " and I am short, 5'7" so what happens on all the pants I have tried on is the knee areas end up being in my boots and if I pull them out it looks like I am wearing baggy's or something and it gets in the way of my gripping the bike. Does anybody make a set that is a short person fitment ? Kind of annoying, I guess I should just loose 5-6 inches on my waist and the knees should line up....

any shorter riders out there have the same problem ?


Midget riders Unite!


I have a 36" waist and 28" inseam.  I call all that stuff I'm storing around my waist "retained earnings".  Anyway, the Fox 180 and 360 pants fit me really good.  I buy the 36" waist: The knees are right where they're supposed to be, and the leather grip pads pinch the bike perfectly.  A lot of shops stock Fox gear so you have a pretty good chance of finding some to try on.


And the pants clean up really well.  They don't hold onto all the dirt they collect from falling on the ground.  ( because those darn short legs don't reach the earth from the tall bike seat )

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Thanks, Yes I retain my earnings well also.

I do have a set of fox 360 pants I will try.

People say I am not in Shape....... I just say, "A pear is a shape"!


Also, that extra weight comes in handy going downhill on a bicycle.  I call it my downhill muscle, and use it to my full advantage.  It's like winding up a spring going uphill.

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