2004 Suzuki RMZ250 Oil Issues

Hey first post, jsut wondering if anyone has advice on a certain issue ... I have had issues with blowing oil out my crankcase breather for quite some time now, I recently did a top end job hoping that would cure the problem. I started it, it spit oil which was expected, let it stop, then started it up a few hours later, and didnt have that issue. Took a few break in sessions, and tonight when I went to go change the oil and it hasn't pissed oil out the crankcase breather in a while, the oil comes out chocolate with white scum on the sightglass. I saw the tinniest bit of coolant right near the waterpump, but on the front of the case, I know it cant be water casuing the oil to be that colour, not even a slight chance, so if it is coolant, how is it getting in and what do I need to look at and change ? I have a aftermarket Boyessen water pump cause Kawazuki sucked and made changing oil filter and coolant at the same time mandatory, and I have now tourqued the head down to the current gasket set 3 times, as I had valve issues and figured it would be okay due to little time spent torqued down. They are Cometic metal gaskets btw, if anyone could give me some info on there take I would greatly appreciate it, just sorta novice and just want my bike to work well like it did at the beginning of the summer, sorry for the story but people usually ask for more details, thanks.

Take a look at your water pump seals and the o ring that seals up your pump. Look for scoring/grooves on the water pump shaft where the seal lips touch the shaft also. I've never used the boyseen pump, I swapped mine to a pump from an 09 kx250f to resolve the oil change issues. Clean off the sight glass to start at the least and check the pump's seals to start, run it again and see what happens. If you aren't getting a milky colored oil at the change, you should have good seals, but I had to change mine when first I got mine. Get a new pump o ring when you put the pump back on. Sounds to me like you had a bit of water on the sight glass and it mixed with some oil and just stuck to the glass, but if you take of the whole right side cover at one time, you can check everything in one shot.

x2 on pump/filter o rings. Thats the waterissue. Most likely. Ive taken motors apart three times before...i just smear a bit of honda bond on the gaskets. If its back together...check the water pump first. Sounds like thats it and not head gasket.

The spitting oil is maybe caue you overfilled. Pre measure, dont rely on sightglass. You gotta be extra nice the these old ladies

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