01 CR250 Clutch input?

So I finally got to take the bike out for a nice ride and noticed that the clutch has some funkyness to it. For one it will idle good but once shifted it lurches, also can be harder to start in gear like the clutch has some drag to it.


It shifts smoothly through the gears when underway but in tighter trails I noticed the clutch sometimes doesn't like to slip and instead will grab suddenly at the outer range of the lever real hard and fast and kill the engine. Seems like when it cools for a couple minutes it returns back to normal. I am going to pull it apart and look at the basket (see if its notched) and check the frictions and plates and whatnot. I am wondering what everyone on here finds for a good brand for replacing the clutch? Are the EBC or DP brakes decent stuff or if it junk?


I have changed the fluid and the fluid didn't look horrible. Maybe the springs? or possible warped aluminum clutch plates?


I am running the factory honda hp trans fluid. I bought the bike from the original owner whom said he had less the 30 hours on the bike (take that for what it's worth I know) but the condition of the bike would suggest he was telling the truth.



Other then that I have fallen in love with this bike! It is awsome and I can ride it much more comfortably then my other 4stroke bikes I have had. Glad I made the move!

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OEM OEM OEM! Been on Honda CR250's since '86. Have never notched a basket(woods use) and have extremely long clutch life. I just replaced the ORIGINAL plates in my '01. I use Honda, Spectro and BelRay trans  fluid only, whichever is priced best when I need it.  I would double ck the cable  and go from there.

I replaced the cable today and readjusted (the adjuster was frozen and someone before me twisted it and bent the adjuster rod. I reajusted the cable but this is not the problem. When I get back from my ride tomorrow I will pull it apart and post pics of what I find. Im thinking the clutch is just wore out.

Decided to heck with it and just pulled it apart tonight since it is bugging me. I believe I have found the problem. Looks like it is a combination of issues. The springs are slightly elongated and past the 1.76 service limit the book calls for by about 6-10 thou depending on the spring. Also a few of the fibers are thin at around .102 when the max service limit is .112 out of the book. The other fibers are between 3-5 thou above service limit. So I am thinking it is just plain flat wore out.


Good news is that the basket and inner and outer hubs all look to be in nice shape and not notched or grooved.


Now I just need to find out what brand of clutch I want to put in. I am thinkin oem unless there is something better.

honda plates are best. put em oil for a day before installation

So I ended up getting all the parts OEM honda. For anyone that is wondering or looking for the factory measurements to compare to what your clutchs measure out here they are.


Factory frictions measure .118-.119 right out of the package

Factory aluminum plates measure .060 right out of the package.



I looked but couldn't find the factory measurements all I could find was in the owners manual under clutch it just gives the service limit of .112 on the frictions.


Looking forward to riding this weekend and having a nice new clutch!

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