2014 KTM 250SXF Questions

I have ridden Yamaha's for the past 8 - 9 years now. I'm currently riding a 2008 Yamaha YZ450F and am in search for a new bike (wanting to go back to a 250F as a 450 is just too much for me). I'm contemplating the 250SXF but am worried that the bike will feel unrideable compared to Yamaha's suspension. How does the 2014 WP compare to the 2008 KYB suspension? How much work do the forks need? I am just shy of the 200lb mark, so I am a bit heavier rider. When I was in full racing shape, I was 145lbs 6 years ago, but as college has it. Partying, fast food, and laziness was the name of my game. haha.


I've read that the 250SXF has awesome power up top, but lags down low. What are the first modifications that you can make to the bike to get more power down low without sacrificing much up top? (Pipe? If so, what pipe do you recommend?)

What suspension company(ies) have figured out how to get the WP suspension to work well? Potentially have one suspension company do the forks and another do the shock if need be? I will break the suspension in, get it dialed in as much as I can, get back up to my racing speed (mid to top B class rider) and figure out what the next step is. But would like to have some sort of an idea on what that next step is before I spend nearly $7,500 to do so.

Does anybody have any experience with both the 2008 Yamaha's and the 2013/4 KTM 250SXF? I don't know anybody that has one so unfortunately I cannot go and just try one out at the track. Is it that much different that is nearly impossible to get adapted to?


I have started to read a lot of topics on here about this bike and tried to answer these questions myself, but they all seem to end up bashing each other about some previous post and then I stop reading... (please, don't do that here...)


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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I'm about the same weight as you but came off a 08 yz250f to a 12 250sxf. Not as much low end torque as my yammi but more than made up for it in topend. Suspension took a Revalve but now it's setup is Awsome. I rode a friend's 13 250sxf and it's a rocket, same characteristics though all top. Just takes some adjusting to get use to revving but that's what they are designed for, so I Rev it all the time.I only ride tracks and love the new 250sxf motor.

Who did your suspension? Akro? Where are they out of?

How was getting use to the KTM coming off of the 08 Yami? Do they feel completely different as far as feel when riding the bike?


Did you make any mods to help with the bottom end power? If so, what helped the most?

fuel mapping would be the place to start , maybe look at the G.E.T setup. the stock pipe should be fine...I have a 08 yz250f and had a 07 yz450f also 09 crf450r ,now on a 12 sxf350 and we have a 12 sxf250 . did very little to the suspension and I'm very happy with them. but didn't like the levers , foot pegs , brake pedal , shifter, bars or grips LOL changed them all. now the bike fits me and I love ktm's ... by the way I think suspension shops are valving ktm's wrong and then making a bunch of expensive parts to make it work. if you go ktm and don't like the suspension, do what OHLNIS is doing with the average U.S. mx rider valve the bike for harescrambles / aggressive off road but not mx ...

why not just get a 350? they ride like 250s and run like 450s. if you are 5 years out of collage you should be in +25 and bike size doesnt matter. on a 250f i always was worried about under jumping jumps and breaking more stuff, than riding a 450 or 350 and being able to clear everything and still control the bike, like on a 350.


i had a 08,09,10 yz450 and they do have good suspension feeling stock. a little soft for me, 220lbs but the action is smooth. i have a 2011 350 ktm and have ridden all the 13 and 14 bikes at the demos the last two years. the 250 suspension is about the same as yamaha, soft for me but a little harsher valving. the 350 and 450 feel the same and again soft but really good action and good bottoming. the days of shit WP suspension are gone they are on the same level as kyb and showa nowadays.

At first, I was very excited to get a 350 when I learned that the bike has greatly improved for 13/14. But I want to go back down to a 250F because the 450F is too much power for me, I don't want all that power and feel that getting a 350 wouldn't be making that much of a step down. The 350 can be just as fast and powerful as a 450 and that is my ultimate goal, to step down from a 450.


I want to start racing again and had so much fun when I use to race a 250F. It's good to hear that you think the KTM suspension is just as good as KYB and Showa. I'm about 190lbs wet, so probably closer to 200 lbs with gear and everything on. I'm thinking the KTM suspension will work well since I am not 145 lbs like I use to be when racing for the state championship in 07. Granted it was C class, but like anywhere else, the top C guys usually can run with the top B guys. I will be going back to C class just to get a feel for racing and not have to "push" the pace that much, and feel that a 450, or even a 350 for that matter, could get me in trouble and a greater possibility of injured.


Thanks for all the advice guys, I like to hear everybody's opinion and what they think about the KTM's. Keep them coming!

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